How much does it cost to renovate a garage? 

A garage renovation can vary based on the age of the home and what exactly you are looking to accomplish.  To give an example- an average two car garage measures about 24’ w x 20’d.   At a minimum, two walls of cabinetry could run approximately $10k and epoxy flooring could be about $2k.  This does not include any wall/ceiling painting, slat walls for tools/sports equipment, specialty storage containers or mounting systems, counter or ceiling lighting, wall graphics, accessories or design fees.


What are your design fees? 

Provided that we stay within the scope of work that was used to estimate your fee proposal you will typically not incur any overage fees. However, if the scope of work changes it is likely that overage fees will apply. We will provide a heads up any time we feel changes or enhancements to the scope of work will exceed your estimated fee proposal resulting in an overage.


What is your hourly rate?



Where are you located?

Costa Mesa, CA


What areas do you serve?

I provide full service design in Orange County, Los Angeles County and the Palm Springs area. I can provide virtual design assistance for regions beyond my in person service area.


Do you charge for drive time? 

I do not charge a mileage fee. I simply charge 50% of my hourly rate which would be $75.00/hr for any drive time associated with your project.


Do you sell cabinets & flooring? 

No.  I create a custom design for your garage –  you pay me for my design work and you pay the subcontractors directly for their associated services.   I will recommend cabinet makers and other subcontractors but I myself am not a dealer or installer.  If you are simply looking for cabinets and flooring I am not the person for you.


Do you organize the items in the garage? 

No.  There are several professional organizers I can recommend who will help you declutter/organize your space before and after the design installation.


Where do I store all the stuff in my garage while the flooring and cabinets are being installed?

I would recommend a storage pod or a storage unit.  It really depends on your budget, timeline, and possibly neighborhood or HOA constraints.


Will you work with my handyman or contractor?

Absolutely!  I would love to work with someone you are already comfortable with.


What are your hours?

Monday  –  Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


How long does it take?

Depending on work load or revisions, the design can typically be completed within 2-3 weeks.

While the design process typically tales 2-3 weeks, the actual execution of the design will depend on the complexity of the design and the number of subcontractors needed.  We can only control the timeline associated with the design process, not the rest.


What is the design process?  

Please see the “Services” page of my website for a detailed description.


What should I bring to the initial consultation? 

Nothing is necessary, however if you have examples of style elements you’ve collected from Pinterest or other sources that is always helpful!


What forms of payment do you accept? 

Cash, Check, or Bank Transfers


Do you offer Design Packages?

Yes, please click the link below to request a complete Services Guide.