Drift Racer’s Garage

Show Host Chris Jacobs with Rathyna Gomer

This garage was featured on the show Garage Rescue, as a collaboration with Motor Trend, HGTV, Castrol, Discovery, and Ryan Foss Productions.  Drift Racer Rathyna Gomer received a car + garage renovation.  The color palette was inspired by her own Nissan 350Z, which sports a bold combination of hot pink, black and white.  The design of the garage is crisp, clean and ultra modern.  The cabinets are a high gloss white while the floors are epoxied with flecks of charcoal.  Reminiscent of a race track, a wide gray stripe with a thinner black band encompasses the room.  The stark nature of the space allows for the floor to ceiling graphic of Rathyna’s car to shine.  An oversized pegboard features racing memorabilia including a steering wheel, helmet, and racing suit.  Smaller scaled artifacts like Rathyna’s wristband collection and her fiancé Mark’s Hot Wheels collection are displayed in modern cases and frames.

Racing Memorabilia
Sleek White Cabinetry and Pink Accents
Under Counter Refrigeration
Accessories to Create a Vibe
Charcoal Epoxied Floor
Floor to Ceiling Wall Graphic
Matchbox Car Collection
One Happy Camper